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Business Intelligence and Information Management

arrow bullet Are your business decisions based on gut-feel?

Without Business intelligence (BI) you have nothing on which to base any decision you make in the company. Why rely on gut-feel when you have technology at your fingertips to provide you with all the data you need to make informed decisions. Business Intelligence and Information Management is a technology-driven process for analysing data and presenting actionable information. Business Intelligence employs a number of tools, applications and methods to collect data from internal systems and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data, and create reports, dashboards (data visualisations) and make the analytical results available to your company’s decision makers as well as necessary staff.

Don’t make a guess, not even an educated guess. Make an informed decision with a customised Business Intelligent and Information Management strategy.

arrow bullet Common challenges that our clients face with Business Intelligence & Information Management

  • Business Intelligence Strategy – Business Intelligence needs to be well planned, well communicated and well executed to provide the maximum benefit to your company. Everyone needs to understand the value of the system and get on board. It’s easy to tell when the opposite of that is happening. Instead of articulated business questions we see lists of data elements. Instead of an enthusiastic C-Suite, we find approvals are given reluctantly and the value returns are vague or worse, generic.
  • Readiness – Does your organisation have and more importantly, consistently use a framework for prioritising and managing your Business Intelligence investments?  How deep does your knowledge and understanding of the quality of your data go?  Does anyone on your staff have the necessary Business Intelligence skills and methodology needed to get the best out of your BI investment? Can your company identify and address the risk and change management associated with the introduction of a BI initiative? If you can’t answer yes to all of those questions then you need a better BI solution, one that’s perfect for your company and the right BI training for your staff.
  • Lack of Direction – Is your organisation rife with different ‘versions of the truth’? Without a coordinated and customised Business Intelligence and Information Management solution in your company this may well be the case. Over time, this lack results in multiple data storage options, different BI environments and user communities within the company. It’s vital that any business has an overarching strategy or roadmap and a dedicated BI data architecture plan in place.
  • Lack of Execution – Successful, repeatable BI execution requires sufficient and sustained funding and support, internal or external BI staff, and use of Business Intelligence-specific development methodology. Without it, your staff struggle with a difficult-to-use system that delays response time to management, inaccurate report processing and dashboard notifications, as well as fighting the system functionality’s poor delivery.
  • Lack of Business Intelligence Impact – The time to develop business benefits is at the very start of the Business Intelligence and Information Management lifecycle. There are a number of things that BI needs to connect – how the system is used, your staff, the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and the strategic objectives the business is aiming to achieve.

arrow bullet How we can help you

We can develop a Business Intelligence and Information Management strategy that is shared and accepted by the whole organisation. We can also assist in conducting readiness assessments to help your company focus its resources on areas that need the help. In terms of operational direction, we would be able to advise on how to reduce the number of your data warehouses, depending on your organisation’s requirements. As there are a large number of tools available in BI, we will investigate and rationalise the number and type of Business Intelligence tools your organisation’s needs, in order to streamline the system to create the most efficient and cost-effective system for your company.

arrow bullet How you can benefit

There are a large number of benefits for companies that adopt and apply Business Intelligence and Information Management in their organisation:

  • Data quality: Information whose accuracy and consistency has been improved can now be distributed more easily to customers both inside and outside the organisation.
  • Information management: Business planning and execution is no longer a hit-or-miss activity because of the increase of the data’s effectiveness.
  • Process efficiency: Your business will experience increased operational efficiencies.
  • IT Security: Safeguarding your company’s information from both external and internal abuse.
  • Organisational agility: You will have the necessary flexibility and agility needed to meet dynamic market demands.


Improvements in data quality, information management, process efficiency, security, and organisational agility are just some of the benefits your company can access by using a properly created and applied Business Intelligence solution. At MFT, we customise the best Business Intelligence and Information Management for your organisation incorporating the functional component areas that best suit your company’s needs.