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Business Process Management (BPM)

arrow bullet Are your business activities aligned with your organisational goals?

Business Process Management (BPM) is core to your business’ success. When it’s done well it operates unseen in the background. As a result, it can easily be overlooked, but it needs to be prioritised over everything else.

Your BPM Portfolio should focus on adopting the right technology to assess, maintain and improve the processes within your company.

Our role is to assist companies to develop, enhance and maintain their processes. That way they can focus on their core function and execute their competitive advantage.

arrow bullet Common challenges that our clients face with Business Process Management

With solutions that aren’t created specifically for a company’s needs and requirements, clients find themselves having to use different systems to do different things with different task lists, notifications, mobile apps, etc., a result known as solution fragmentation. This inconsistency and unmanageability has resulted in the ‘Management’ part of Business Process Management becoming much more challenging.
Other challenges our clients encounter are:
  • Leadership
  • Skills in BPM – technical and otherwise
  • Moving to the Cloud
  • Figuring out how to make money in the Cloud environment for themselves, for consultants, for partners, and how to build an efficient ecosystem

arrow bullet How we can help you

We can provide a successful and accurate alignment between a client’s business processes (BPs) and information technology (IT) designs, an alignment that provides security protection, manages the rapidly changing business environment and BPs, and manages customer power. On top of this, our solutions are flexible when your company’s growth calls for reengineering.

A bespoke solution will ensure you can easily derive your IT goals from your business goals and, as a result, an appropriate Information System (IS) can be easily implemented.

arrow bullet How you can benefit

  • Improved Business Agility – Good Business Process Management gives you greater control and agility. This allows you to alter your workflows and re-use or customise them as necessary. As a result, business processes will become more responsive to your needs. The precise documentation involved gives you defined knowledge. This knowledge will allow you to understand any possible impact change will have on your business processes. Better knowledge of the effects of modifications to your processes will give you a greater opening to options which improve your profitability.
  • Reduced Costs and Higher Revenues – Implementing the right Business Process Management suite in a company can bring positive bottom-line results by trimming down your business process execution costs. Having implemented your bespoke BPM, you may find that the projected decline in operational costs doesn’t show up right away, but removing any bottlenecks will result in a remarkable improvement. For example, a customised BPM could reduce lead time, giving consumers more access to your products and services in the shortest time possible. An increased market demand will improve your sales and revenue. Business Process Management allows companies to improve efficiency and profitability by reducing waste, thanks to inbuilt allocation and tracking of their resources. Routine performance evaluations can also reveal inefficiency and wastage and allow you to address these problems.
  • Higher Efficiency – Our Business Process Management solutions which integrate all your company’s processes create a greater overall efficiency in your organisation thanks to a more efficient monitoring of delays, eliminating redundant tasks, reallocating tasks among your team and implementing the automatic reduction of having to redo a task as well as errors.
  • Better Visibility – Being able to see how your business processes function in real time without having to allocate extensive labour or monitoring techniques gives C-Suite staff not only a better understanding of the company’s processes but to then also modify those processes and at the same time keep track of the outcomes.
  • Compliance, Safety and Security – Besides an improved bottom line, companies also need to stay on top of their corporate duties. Financial reports, labour laws compliance and a wide range of government rules are some of the tasks to which companies need to attend. Our comprehensive Business Process Management aims to assist your company to comply with the required standards and stays up to date with regulatory requirements.