Effective management of a critical asset

IT Risk Management, Governance and Controls

arrow bullet Are rapid changes in technology putting the security of your computing environment at risk?

IT Governance and Controls and IT Risk Management are known as the highest and most critical risk areas for CIOs and IT organisations. Yet few organisations have access to quality management information which would help them assess the risks of implementing technology solutions. As a result, not being able to respond quickly to a potential disaster is a major concern.

Our role is to assist your company in developing, enhancing and maintaining your processes so that it can pursue its main mission at global best practice standards.

arrow bullet Common challenges that our clients face with IT Risk Management

  • Clients fail to identify IT risks and often misallocate resources when it comes to IT risk mitigation.
  • Many clients don’t understand how they can use their IT to support their business strategy. Ideally, IT should both enable and support your company’s strategies and goals.
  • Our solutions help your IT department communicate with and lead management into what is possible in terms of IT, especially when it comes to Big Data and cloud computing. As a result, instead of an incompatible array of IT solutions, your department can utilise a bespoke strategy.
  • Duplicate, redundant applications and data repositories complicate your IT infrastructure and are often costly to maintain and reengineer to meet the company’s future needs.
  • A good IT department should take the lead, if necessary and appropriate, in ensuring an effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and integrate IT risk management activities into that ERM.
  • Business decisions should be made on reliable, current, timely, and available information, and the correct IT risk management solutions will enable that.

arrow bullet How we can help you

Our team has many years of experience in producing IT risk management solutions through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategies and ICT governance frameworks that have helped our clients reap tangible IT benefits.

The first action we take is to meet with your company’s senior executive and discuss their pain-points around their existing ICT strategy and governance. We then tailor a solution to address these. This could be in the form of strategy, policy development, implementation and even process optimisation and monitoring. If corrective action needs to be implemented, we can design the system, processes or resource training to facilitate effectiveness.

Our presentation of our solution demonstrates the in-depth benefit available when the solution is applied. That way you know exactly how your company will benefit.

arrow bullet How you can benefit

Our IT risk management solutions provide clear and measurable benefits – ones that extend both business and IT functions.

Communication is critical in any business if that company wants to succeed and grow in the future. A good IT risk management solution brings clarity to what the role and the deliverables are of each area in the organisation. When everyone understands the vital importance that IT plays in the company’s growth, how it contributes to the business across all levels and functions, the natural outcome is an improvement in coordination and cooperation between staff members, departments and management.

From a management point of view this helps enormously as areas of inefficiency and duplication are revealed and can be addressed. As a result, effective project delivery dramatically increases.