Providing IT solutions for today and making provision for tomorrow

IT Strategy Consulting

arrow bullet Is your IT strategy enabling optimum business performance?

Part of our mission at MFT is to assist companies to develop, manage and implement the perfect IT strategy enabling solutions for their organisations.

arrow bullet Common challenges that our clients face with IT Strategy

  • Clients often grapple with using technology, including emerging and foundational technologies, legacy systems and integration to drive growth in their business as well as their own innovation.
  • New technology, including mobile, social cloud and analytics are innovative sources of economic value, but how to access that value can be a challenge.
  • Vision is nothing if it doesn’t improve technology-enabled business processes, technology governance, technology organisation and technology foundations.

arrow bullet How we can help you

We will develop IT strategy solutions to unleash business value from new, innovative technologies like mobile, social, cloud and analytics and assist in increasing IT efficiency and effectiveness to increase business growth across your organisation.

arrow bullet How you can benefit

There are a number of ways a good IT strategy can benefit your company, from reductions in cost to revenue generation.


  • Cost Reduction – We have options for small and large companies with limited budgets to help implement their IT strategy initiatives at reduced costs.
  • Customer Satisfaction – Today’s technology opens up significant opportunities to increase customer satisfaction. Our solutions streamline business processes and improve efficiency, all of which shorten your sales order cycle.
  • Revenue Generation – Your IT strategy lets you plan your initiatives so you can obtain predictable and optimal business outcomes rather than letting circumstance dictate your business future. Move away from a reactive to a proactive mind-set and make IT a strategic asset in your business.